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What's New in CitectTM SCADA 2016


Citect SCADA 2016 delivers new powerful functionality, with a reimagined engineering experience to help you configure and deploy your Citect SCADA systems faster than ever before

Introducing Citect Studio – our new unified configuration environment

  • Replaces Citect Explorer & Project Editor
  • Intuitive activity-based user experience
  • Fresh look & feel
  • Modern UI technology (WPF & .NET)

New user-friendly grid functionality

  • Display & edit content from active project and all its includes
  • Select multiple cells/rows and make bulk changes directly from grid or via new property grid
  • Configuration changes will cascade (e.g. change variable tag name and all linked alarms, trends, etc. will be updated with the new name)
  • Hide/show and reorder columns
  • Multi-column filter, Sort by any column
  • Copy/Paste to and from other editors (e.g. Excel®)
  • Import from / Export to CSV for bulk external modifications

Faster, intuitive configuration experience

Enhanced deployment management

  • Central store of compiled projects
  • Controlled deployment of projects to servers & clients
  • Store multiple version of projects with local & remote rollback
  • Delta-only transfer

Security built-in

  • Using HTTPS between Citect SCADA nodes & Deployment server
  • Role based access: Admin, Deploy, Upload, Read-Only

Notification for operators

  • Force, Prompt & Notify

Engineering efficiency

Simplified Server configuration using Topology view

With Citect Studio, you no longer need to navigate up to 8 separate configuration forms to understand your Citect SCADA Server configuration.

The new Topology view allows you to visualise your entire Citect SCADA server infrastructure in one single location, even if the server configuration resides in multiple include projects.

You also have the choice of viewing your toplogy either by machine or by cluster.

Simplified Server configuration

Calculated Variables driving engineering simplicity

Calculated variables allow you to present the result of a Cicode expression as a variable tag, allowing you to minimise the use of events and background Cicode tasks to carry out Cicode calculations.

  • The Cicode expression may be an in-built Cicode function, a user-created Cicode function or any calculation referencing variable tags and/or other calculated variables.
  • The Cicode expression is evaluated on the I/O Server where the Cicode I/O Device is defined, and only when a subscription to the calculated variable exists.
  • Will only add to license point count if the expression refers to a variable tag in the system. Not applicable to in-built and user-created functions, which return information or data.

Improve code maintainability without compromising flexibility

Access more contextual information to make better decisions, faster

To further enhance the Citect SCADA equipment model, you can now access the properties (.On, .Ack, etc.) for your alarm items in your Equipment using the Equipment.Item syntax

For example, let's say you have a piece of equipment called MyValve that has a Fault alarm item defined with it. You can now check the acknowledgement status of that alarm by referencing the following at runtime:

  • MyValve.Fault.Ack

For a full list of available alarm properties, search Supported Alarm Properties in the Help.

Make your genies & super-genies even more powerful

Enhancements to BACnet driver & integration with Time Scheduler

  • Improved Tag import
  • View and edit the schedules from devices in the Scheduler control
  • New Special Days view

Added support for Unicast communications with KNX driver

  • Uses KNX IP Tunnelling
  • One I/O Device per router
  • Improved performance and scalability
  • Allows the same group address to be configured on multiple lines
  • Allows server redundancy to be supported

New S7TCP driver supporting the latest Siemens™ S7-1500 PLCs

  • Direct Ethernet connection
  • Variable tags are addressed using the symbolic tag names

Enhance lifecycle management, reduce engineering time, risk & disruption

Citect SCADA 2016 delivers on the promise of an intuitive and efficient SCADA upgrade, providing support for:

  • Direct offline upgrade* from version 5.21 onwards
  • Online upgrade from version 7.20 onwards

Additionally Citect SCADA 2016 is compatible with Windows® Server® 2016 and Windows 10^, as well as Windows Server 2012 R2 and Windows 10 for many popular I/O drivers.

* Excludes alarm history
^ Includes Windows 10 Anniversary Update

Seamless upgrade path