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In helping to further optimise the efficiency and performance of our software, we are pleased to announce the release of Citect Anywhere 1.1* - June 22nd 2017.


This release builds on our previous version of the software, with specific updates to the below functionalities and vulnerabilities:

  • Security – updates to specific security vulnerabilities affecting Citect Anywhere and peer SSL Certificate as detailed in the full Security Notification update here.
  • User groups – enhancements to Citect Anywhere VjcaControl and VjcaView groups, now allowing the addition of domain user groups
  • Installation – improvements to the install location of Citect SCADA when multiple Schneider Electric applications are installed.
  • Floating License – now supporting Schneider Electric Floating License Manager version 1.9.10.



*Please note, if you are upgrading from Citect Anywhere v1.0 to v1.1, a license upgrade is not required, however we recommend that you refer to the Software Installation & Configuration Guide for Citect Anywhere Server and Secure Gateway.


Should you have any queries regarding this Software Update, don’t hesitate to contact our Global SCADA & MES Support team.


Interested in finding out more about Citect Anywhere v1.1? Visit our latest web page here

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