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Schendier Electric Software Asset Manager

Welcome to the Software Asset Manager (SAM) v3.0 SP1 Patch 3 download site for Citect and Ampla software. This site is designed to provide you with all the files and instructions necessary to run Software Asset Manager at your plant.

  • Software Asset Manager is a software application from Schneider Electric Software that helps you to efficiently inventory and manage Wonderware, Citect and Ampla software and licenses installed at your plant.
  • Software Asset Manager enables you to efficiently update your software by effortlessly identifying and downloading relevant upgrades, service packs and patches.

Note: Software Asset Manager requires a license to operate. If you do not have the SAM license file, please contact your local Schneider Electric or Wonderware Distributor sales resource to obtain it.

Step 1: BEFORE YOU BEGIN, place the ArchestrA.lic file on the SAM Client computer at:

  • Program Files\Common Files\ArchestrA\License


  • Program Files (x86)\Common Files\ArchestrA\License (64-bit)

Step 2: Download Software Asset Manager v3.0 SP1 Patch 2.

Download Software Asset Manager 3.0 SP1 P3 Files

Released May 2017 | 82.8 MB
Released June 2017 | 85.2 MB

Refer to the SAM Installation Guide (delivered with the product files) for installation instructions and details.

SAM is intended to be used at your facility without a persistent internet connection. From time to time, you need to refresh your site's metadata to keep up with recent new releases.

Take note of the Last Synchronized date, and consider refreshing the metadata to ensure the most current available product releases and license inventory data is utilized.

If you already have SAM installed, and need an updated Metadata file, click the following link to refresh:

Download SAM Metadata File