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What's New in Ampla 2016


With enhanced inventory management Ampla 2016 delivers improved operational performance while driving energy and cost savings.



Ampla 2016… available now!

The leading operations management software from Schneider Electric, Ampla is designed to help optimize production, processes, performance, and energy usage. Ampla’s innovative operation management software delivers real-time visibility of plant and business information so users can improve competitiveness in global markets.

New features further extend our capabilities in inventory management and ISA-95 compliant supply chain configuration, while delivering improved performance and scalability.

Key benefits of Ampla 2016 include:

  • Improved visibility into your operations
  • Better management of inventory levels and quality data though your processes
  • Optimized production
  • Improved performance and high availability
  • Reduced complexity with native connectivity to Wonderware Online InSight

The 2016 release continues to cement Ampla’s position as a leading player for production and inventory management systems globally.

Improve visibility of your inventory with the introduction of ISA-95 compliant supply chain configuration

Ampla 2016 now provides users with a complete work-in-progress (WIP) inventory solution for mining. This unique production and inventory management capability enables companies to easily visualize stock levels across the supply chain, leading to better management of inventory levels across the business.

By improving inventory management companies are able to increase throughput, reduce wastage, minimize bottlenecks and take advantage of new cost saving opportunities.

Additional native connectivity to reduce complexity and lower total cost of ownership (TCO)

In addition to the Wonderware Historian connector previously released, Ampla 2016 now includes a native connector to Wonderware Online InSight so that you can quickly and easily visualize your data in the cloud.

With a simpler deployment methodology and a range of supported interfaces, the new connector removes the need to use third-party tools between Ampla and historian products such as Wonderware Historian and Wonderware Online InSight.

Enhanced performance and scalability delivers additional availability and fewer bottlenecks

This latest release delivers significant performance and scalability enhancements to the Ampla inventory solution following a focused effort on issue reduction and stabilization. Ampla 2016 delivers up to three times improvement to both performance and scalability of inventory reprocessing.

Improved user experience means easier access to information for reduced planning time and better, faster decision-making

Ampla 2016’s updated planning functionality helps users to access information with fewer clicks for better, quicker decision-making and more efficient plans.

The new drill-down capabilities help reduce planning time by enabling planners to easily navigate to the associated planning grid by simply selecting a record in the Gantt chart.

In addition, the Activity ID is now shown in all planning records for improved data recognition.