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Safety and Security

Security Notifications

Date Description Software
28/07/2013 Vulnerability within Vijeo Citect / CitectSCADA Vijeo Citect™ V7.20 and earlier
CitectSCADA™ V7.20 and earlier
20/05/2013 Vulnerability within Mitsubishi MX Component 3 distributed by CitectFacilities CitectFacilities™ V7.10 and earlier
CitectSCADA™ V7.0 and earlier
16/01/2012 Vulnerability in Historian Vijeo Historian V4.30 and earlier
CitectHistorian V4.30 and earlier
CitectSCADA Reports V4.10 and earlier
29/09/2011 Vulnerability within UnitelWay Windows Device Driver Vijeo Citect V7.20 and all previous versions run on Windows XP
OPC Factory Server V3.34 run on Windows XP
Telemecanique Driver Pack V2.6 and below
Unity Pro V6.0 and all previous versions run on Windows XP
Monitor V7.6 and all previous versions run on Windows XP
PL7 Pro V4.5 SP5 and all previous versions run on Windows XP
23/08/2011 Possible vulnerability in the CitectSCADA Batch Server CitectSCADA V7.10 and earlier

Safety & Quality Notifications

Date Description Software
23/02/2011 Communication with the Rockwell ControlLogix L7X Processor CitectSCADA
Vijeo Citect
13/06/2010 Quality Information - SafeNet Key

Vijeo Citect Vijeo Historian
PowerLogic SCADA